Is Your Garage Door Vulnerable to Intrusion?

//Is Your Garage Door Vulnerable to Intrusion?

Is Your Garage Door Vulnerable to Intrusion?

Many people want their homes to be secure. The latest alarms, security systems, intrusion detection sensors, and a host of other stuff are big sellers today. Unfortunately, the garage door is often overlooked. It is assumed that the garage is invulnerable because the door weighs several hundred pounds. The fact is that many garage doors are vulnerable, and some are very easy to bypass by an intruder with limited knowledge and experience. The garage isn’t just an entryway to your home, but it also houses valuables like your car, power tools, lawn mower, etc.

In our experience, an old and often battered garage door is a weak point for most homes. So, depending on what type of garage door you have installed, it would be a good idea to consult with a professional. Additional locks will not work but instead, end up damaging the motor and other safety systems. On some garage doors, it may void its warranty. So, if you want additional security, perhaps consult with the garage door’s manufacturer.

Old Garage Doors

Unknown to many homeowners, their old garage doors are vulnerable to a technique called forced entry. Regular use can cause wear and tear along with the accumulation of rust, which makes forcing it open easier. All any intruder needs to do is to put something like a crowbar in between the door and push. The problem is that these issues are hard to avoid even if you maintain your garage door like it is supposed to. Garage door like everything else ages and it is at this point that replacing it will make the most sense. Now good maintenance certainly extends the service life of the door, but eventually, it has to be replaced.

The other thing we strongly advise people to do is to use a timer which automatically closes the garage door. That way if you forget to close it, the door will close a few minutes after you leave. That said if you buy a later model (anything after 2011), it will include a timer built-in which happens to be more efficient.

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Extra Security

After you have secured a garage door, the next step would be to look at other security precautions. Things like alarms, motion detectors, and a few other things can be very instrumental in preventing break-ins.

You may also want to reinforce the door that connects your garage door to the house. That way, intruders will not be able to gain entry into the home even if they enter the garage. A metal or strong wood door with a heavy deadbolt will work perfectly.

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