Why a Backup Battery for Your Garage Door is a Great Idea?

//Why a Backup Battery for Your Garage Door is a Great Idea?

Why a Backup Battery for Your Garage Door is a Great Idea?

Warren is amongst the best places to live in America with its predominantly good weather, parks, and various other attractions. However, things in Warren can get tense as the weather is known to turn violent and that can knock out power lines for often hours. Sure, hurricane threats are rare unlike in Florida, but storms are still common, which is why your garage door should have a backup battery. Even if you lose power for several hours twice a year, a battery is worth it as it’s going to save you from a lot of frustration.

A backup battery for your garage door does not have to be huge. A small 12-volt battery should suffice for most openers. You can also opt for a garage door opener that comes with battery backup built into it. The garage door automatically switches to battery mode, and you can still use it like you do when there is power. The battery then recharges when power is restored.

Why Choose a Battery?

Well for one a fully charged battery can power your garage door opener for 24 hours on standby mode. Plus, it offers 20 complete cycles. If you are worried about charging time, it takes just under 5 hours to fully recharge. All batteries available nowadays are fully recyclable, that means no waste.

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When to Charge the Battery?

Depending on the model of your battery, you may hear a beep every 2 or maybe 30 seconds. When the battery is low, you might also see a red or orange light indicating that it is low. If you see this, then carefully remove the back cover and take out the battery.

Manually Hooking up a Backup Battery

Now we know that many people may not have a garage door opener with optional battery backup. If that is the case, then you can either hook up what’s called an inverter to the garage door opener and then to the battery. The system is a little complex and does not work as well as having built-in backup. Plus, it is going to cost you around $300 if not more, depending on the system you purchase.

Alternatively, you can always operate the garage door manually by pulling on the red cord or emergency release to disengage the trolley. You can then lift the door manually. However, you will have to reconnect the opener to the garage door as anyone will be able to lift the door and enter.

Where to Purchase a Backup Battery for the Garage Door Opener?

It is possible to find all types of backup batteries and battery technologies online. However, our team can also help you find and buy the right battery. If you have an existing battery simply by one that’s exactly like it.



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