What are the Average Garage Door Sizes?

//What are the Average Garage Door Sizes?

What are the Average Garage Door Sizes?

Garage doors come in an array of different sizes. There are possibly a few dozen garage door sizes at the very least. However, the good news is that there are a few common or standard dimensions for new installations. By using a standard size garage door, you essentially can avoid all the hassle and higher repair costs associated with customized sizes. So, which are the standard sizes?

The Single Car and the 1.5 Garage Door

Now things can get confusing because there isn’t a single standard garage door size, but instead, there are three sizes. Doors are available in either 10×7, 8×7, or 9×7. If you own an SUV, then the 8×7 size will be a very tight fit and may not accommodate some trucks. However, if you want to add usual single car dimensions, then a 10×7 or a 9×7 will work well. Only choose the 8×7 size if the preexisting door is of the same size or the opening can only accommodate this size.

The thing you need to remember is that your regular or single car garage door sizes make parking an oversized truck or perhaps an RV impossible. Plus if you use a large 10×7 door in a single car garage, it will still limit how much you can store if you want to keep a full sized car.

If you want more storage, then the 1.5 car garage will be the best choice. It can comfortably accommodate recreational vehicles, especially if there is no room for a regular two car garage.

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The Double Car Size

Now there are many different double sizes. The largest one measures 14×7 while the smaller one measures 12×7. Even though they are referred to as double doors and they can accommodate more than one vehicle, many people may choose these sizes even if they just want to park a single average sized vehicle. The same goes for those who want to use 50% of their garage for parking and the other half for storage.

Triple Car Garage Door Sizes

It is very rare that you’ll see a complete or full triple car garage door. The majority of garages that can accommodate three cars are equipped with either a double door or a single or perhaps three single doors. The advantage of this approach is that the rest of the garage can be kept closed while parking one car.

If you want to have a single triple wide door, there are a few ways in which this can be customized. It is especially good if you have a single large-sized vehicle that you want to park in the garage.

Call Experts To Help

If you are not sure which garage door sizes you should consider then allow experts like us to help you. We can help you find and choose the right type of garage door for your home.

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